I studied film and television at the University of East Anglia where I began directing as well as training in editing, film theory and composition, narrative structure and audience demographics, gaining a 2:1. Afterward I began to work toward being an action performer working on a number of short films, advertisements and docu-dramas for companies such as Darlow Smithson Productions, Lighthaven and Savage Media.

In 2009 I joined the Norwich-based production company It’s a Trap! As a group we produce short films and radio drama, and in 2012 we produced a web series ‘Arms Race Escalation’ for our YouTube channel which currently has over 2 million views.

In 2013 I changed my focus from action performance back to directing. I directed two short films ‘Goodnight Jim’ and ‘Thunder Gods’ which commemorate the 100 years since World War I. I have worked on Bill Thomas’ first feature ‘Fallen Soldiers’. Other highlights include directing second unit on the ‘Mars One’ series for Bigger Bang Productions and ‘Nazi Megastructures’ series for Darlow Smithson Productions and first unit on ‘Killer Doctors on Death Row’, ‘Passport to Murder’, ‘Killer Clergy’ and ‘Deathrow Cops’ for Sky Vision.

As a director I am driven and energetic, feeling at home working on both fast paced action and intimate dialogue.

See my IMDb page here.

being blown up
Pyro work on Breach 3 for Savage Media